VEST SEA-HORSE PPE – WV-10RT Seahorse Life Jackets

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Model No: WV-10
U.S.C.G. App# 160.053/70/0
Manufacturer: Taylortec, Inc.
16152 East Club Deluxe Rd
Hammond, LA 70403 USA

Description: The Seahorse Life Jackets Type V, inherently buoyant, 3-
piece vinyl-coated foam work vest. Closed cell
flotation foam will not absorb water if cut or
punctured. The tough, flexible coating resists
caustics, acids, UV light, hydrocarbons, mildew,
fading, drilling mud, tears, and abrasions. It’s easy
to clean with soap and water, and the webbing system is designed to take strains and
loads. A chest strap helps to hold the vest on the wearer during falls into the water, and
prevents the vest from riding up too high. Please adjust for snug fit.
Materials: PVC-based closed cell foam, liquid vinyl, 1” black polypropylene webbing, aluminum
slides, plastic buckles. All materials are U.S.C.G. approved.
Features available: reflective tape (RT), stainless steel snaphooks, front pocket,
custom silk screen stenciling.
Color: International Orange
Buoyancy: U.S.C.G. minimum required 17.5 ± ½ lb, our design exceeds this minimum requirement.
Weight: 1.85 lb
Thickness: 1 ¾” thick (± ⅛”) pads
Dimensions: Front pieces: 13 ½” L x 10 ¼” W
Back piece: 11 ½” L x 10” W

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Durability of Seahorse Life Jackets: Only the best components are utilized to ensure a long service life. If the closed-cell flotation foam is damaged or pierced, it will not absorb water. The robust, flexible vinyl covering is resistant to caustics, acids, UV radiation, hydrocarbons, mildew, fading, drilling mud, splits, and abrasions, and it is simple to clean with soap and water, which fabric-covered devices cannot boast. This vivid worldwide orange coating has passed the UL1123 flame test. The webbing structure, not the foam padding, is intended to withstand stresses and loads.
Comfort: The flexible foam flotation cushions cover a small area of the body to facilitate breathability and promote mobility. This implies that a Taylortec WV-10 wearer can operate more efficiently.

The life jacket may be modified to accommodate most individuals with chest sizes up to 56″ (142 cm).

The buoyancy of the Seahorse Work Vest is larger than the USCG standard to assist compensate for equipment or heavy garments that the user may be wearing. The unique chest strap keeps the vest in place during falls into the water and keeps it from riding up too high. Unlike other forms of hardware, the plastic side release buckles will not come undone by mistake or constitute a snag danger.

Seahorse Life Jackets


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