Haws 8346 AXION MSR Combination Drench Shower & Feather-Flo Eye/Face Wash

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Manufacturer Haws
Model # 8346
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Haws 8346 Description

The Haws 8346 AXION MSR Combination Drench Shower & Feather-Flo Eye/Face Wash combines irrigation with an AXION MSR ABS showerhead, anti-surge Soft-Flo eyewash sprayheads, and a face ring. The device has an in-line 50 mesh water strainer and a stainless steel dust cover. The AXION MSR showerhead has an unique hydrodynamic shower design that reduces the strong physical pressure that forces water to the outside rim of standard showerheads, resulting in equal distribution throughout the full flow area. By dividing the streams of water into smaller individual droplets, better utilisation of the water flowing through the shower makes it more effective while also offering a more pleasant atmosphere.

A fantastic addition to potentially hazardous locations where the eyes, face, and body may be exposed to caustic elements.
It requires little maintenance and comes with a test card for weekly testing.
Eyewash and valve assembly are pre-built and completely water/pressure tested, reducing installation time.

A strong piece of emergency equipment with a solid galvanised steel structure.
Haws produces award-winning drinking fountains, electric water coolers, hydration stations, and emergency equipment for a wide range of sectors. For over 103 years, Haws has been dedicated to providing high-quality water supply and emergency equipment to a wide range of sectors.


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