Bel-Art Emergency Eye Wash Station Double Bottles 1000ml (x2)

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This fluid delivery system features a built-in eye cup that allows the injured person to be treated in any position, whether standing, sitting, or lying down and provides effective and immediate eye irrigation. U.S. Patent 6,540,726.
 Three stations are available to suit all workstations: a single or a double station with 1000ml (32 oz) eyewash bottle(s) or a single station with a 500ml (16 oz) bottle
 Shipped with empty bottles; can be filled with your favorite Sterile Eye Wash Solution Refills
 Quick instruction diagrams on the bottle and station confirm how to use the eyewash bottle
 Includes a mirror and multi-language directions on the station (English, French, German and Spanish)
 Single station dimensions: 44.5W x 38cmH (17½ x 15”); double station dimensions: 45.7W x 34.9cmH (18 x 13¾”)
 Hardware not included